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The weirdest thing, how sometimes all it takes is a little (well.. a lot) of rain to put the brakes on you. To slow down and classily eat your meal on the floor and maybe just maybe opening up your blogspot, releasing a moment to talk to my future self.
Just when you think you're done with big life changes for a bit, everything is like, "sike naw dude, here's a curve ball". So now I rest. Even if there were and are a million little things waiting for me - we will make them wait. and I will close...my eyes. In a little.
Everything has become so familiar. Saying hello to the laundry mat ladies, admiring the cute family houses on seabury, quickly walking across the intersection because you know the second light changes quickly...these things have become so familiar, but new things will be familiar too. I don't know how to say this accurately, but i'm kind of sad. I noticed it a few weeks ago, that the moment I got the news, I felt like I was taking it so well...like it is what it is. But this little building in Elmhurst has really been my oasis in this daring city. It really has become a home with fantastic and fun memories. Really just that... A Home. I really, truly am grateful. Do I look forward to the future? Yes! But I will sorely miss the floor I am laying on now, the glance of the buildings I get from looking through the wardrobe mirror, the feeling I get when I'm just here. Literally, since my very first night. I didn't think I would write about how much I would miss this apartment, but I guess sometimes.. your real feelings have to find a way, to pop themselves out. 
So here I am, in the dark of my room. Watching the lightening, eating lean turkey, and feeling my emotions circle in my chest, down to my stomach, and up to my eyes. Such beautiful memories.