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the first step to getting back to life is washing my face.

soon followed by logging out of instagram.

It's all too much really. Always being on. Always being aware of everyone. Always comparing myself, my life, and the things that I have. It becomes depressing. and really I would love to have less of that. It gets so dark so quickly all ready. Not to mention far from idyllic temperatures. 


Honestly. I'm just tired. Very tired. 

Probably from chasing after life. Probably from having too many good things in my life. Ha honestly I don't know. There's just this stress always following me. Body image, financial turmoil, careers, relationships. 

I suppose life is never easy. never perfect. but really it's just this dot on the timeline. and it'll keep on going with or without me. why can't I just enjoy the spot I have right here. the spot i get to experience.