One thing at a time

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While it may be virtually impossible to wait until one task is completed before beginning another, I find myself writing little notes around of lists and things to do which help me organize my brain and muscles that follow. -Most recently I've been writing little phrases like "One thing at a time", because although yes, there are an unbelievable amount of things to do, if I think about those other things I'm barely function able during the task I'm working on. So I would like to resolve to being good to ourselves. We can do at it all and will do it all. And right now I will finally study for psychology and write the essay that was due at 11:59 last night. I can't let it beat me. We can't let life beat us. External things, stress. no no no no no. Let's do now, right now. Breathe well, be successful. I walked into macdonalds that  was unsuccessful.

Sunday Morning in the Super Mundo Latino

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 These were the cutest kids in the world!! But I just couldn't bring myself to keep the camera steady long enough without looking super creep. I mean these are someone'S kids. haha. haha.. I think my biological clock is just tockin. lawlz

Riccardo Guasco

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Positive Surrender

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"Our hearts are restless until they rest in you"
-Confessions of Saint Augustine

Out and about

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Inspiration Book #16

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Here's to another encounter. -->To new discoveries.  There's brightness waiting for us. See  you on the trip.


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I do believe I was ready to go home this time. 

I am not entirely positive I've felt that way about the past returns. But this time I felt like it. It's always a strange thing coming back. It feels as though nothing has changed but the trees are much taller, and the photos stored on the computer are much updated, and a funeral pamphlet is on the dining room counter. I don't know what it is that makes it feel like you are the same age as when you left and simultaneously beaten with at-least 8 extra years. I don't know what it is. I've decided to take a quarter away from Savannah this time around. It took a lot of thinking of course. -Well, no, not so much. It was really very clear to the interior me that it was important for me to stop. -To repair. I suppose the original plan was a silly one any way. I would take 3 classes every quarter including summers since fall 09, I would apply to new york internships in between where I would hopefully spend thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, and summer, and returning to savannah, all without going home. It seemed realistic. I can't believe it seemed realistic. I had myself programmed. So when I couldn't seem to remain on top of my school work and started becoming extremely forgetful and so, so behind in everything I almost freaked, no I did, and dropped my Art History class, and almost dropped the other two in fear that I might end up failing both of them. I had picked up a new habit to clench my teeth so hard I would develop a headache and draft in class what I knew had to have been a fever. It was so bad. And I had never been so scared of the possibility of my grades. Never in a predicament like that ever before. So I am here, and I made it out. It's almost like it was just a bad dream and now i am awake. Something like that. But in the positive side of the story. I'm here now. floating. I am hoping I have made the correct choice. My true responsibilities always become so clear to me when I am home: to take care of my parents, to be able to take care of myself, and to work my behind off to become a better designer. I can sleep now. Well, I think the ability to has allowed me to go off edge haha. All I've done today is sleep and I am so ready to go to bed now hahah. But I am happy to be back. I should reconnect with the world. When I am in school time goes by so quickly and I am only involved with my projects the possibility of not doing well becomes heartbreaking because that is all I was engaged in. Alright, it's time for me to calm down hah.
Most of all, I've taken a pause because I want to sincerely love fashion again. Haha it's a hard thing mixing business and love, but I am very sure it is possible. 
Home is home is home. And if I know home at all, it could certainly be 2 months later, but that does not mean your meal of cake and apple cider has expired. haha. I hope you guys are doing well and have a truly wonderful quarter! Best wishes and *fighting*!

Influential Person #14: Mengjie Di

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This summer I was so fortunate to make friends Mengjie Di, a woman whose work has often left me breathless, inspired and also intimidated ;) How wonderful it is to finally meet someone after before only imagining them through their creations and even better when they are much more than you could have ever imagined. She is a beautiful, beautiful person, and a terrifyingly creative artist. I'm so honored to have met you Mengjie. <3

©Mengjie Di
View Mengjie's blog here
See her collection featured in Ohlala Mag photographed by An Le

To see

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Juan was astonished to see so many vibrant flowers during the frosty time of the year. He cut them and gathered them in his tilma. Our Lady arranged the flowers with her own hands, rolled up the tilma and ordered Juan not to unfurl his tilma until he was in the presence of the bishop.