Happy Birthday, Alan

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"And when you get the chance... 
You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen" -ABBA

Theory Fashion Show

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Theory at 59th street brings you spring, B-style and brand new models from your favorite vendors.  I haven't 100 percent kept up with the algorithm that brings such fun surprises, but honestly ever since I have been here, good and unexpected things have been sprinkled throughout. That goes for all of my time in New York really. So although I don't have the future so clearly calculated out now, as much as I wish it would be, I can anticipate fun and better things to come than I can currently imagine. Chin up. Walk forward. Viva Theory.


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Meet our new flower friends. Pictures taken at the Orchid Symphony show in the US Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC. Thumbelina dream come true.

'Cheery' picking

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So close to saying finally home again, but really I've just got back from the real thing. Closing...eyes...slowly...


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Today has been an all around outstanding good day. Thank you for that. A real gift.
Impulsive Zumba Session with Noelle
2 bros pizza + sour gummy worms + arizona iced tea
The most wonderful rally at work
Mieko's frequent visits
Chats with the bae
Amazing new friends
Opportunity on the horizon
Big big dreams

Dream Giver

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I was watching a video mentioning how some ancient people viewed the milky way as a river where all the souls before us go. A river in the sky.