Possible Conversation

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"Vogue Korea"

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Oscar de la Renta
Jason Wu
Tory Burch
Tom Ford

Illustrations for Advanced Sketching "Final Editorial" Project.
Each is based on a Shin-Yun Bok, Choson Dynasty painting


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Two unbelievably beautiful people.

Solo Pingpong

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Often I wonder what it really takes to get there.
Should I tell the truth? / Should I lie?
Should I be myself? / Should I channel someone else?
Do I need more jackets in my portfolio? / Do I need more pants?
Am I playing this game like anyone else? / Should I only worry about my self?

This photo belongs to IrenaS
her photostream is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Your Favourite Fashion Shop

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Miinto is a blooming, new online fashion store featuring more than 1400 brands including 7 for All Mankind, Alice + Olivia, Balenciaga, Betsey Johnson, Chanel, Armani, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and Marc Jacobs.
Super incredible  is miinto's collaborations with independent boutiques to help them expand their internet presence and reach a wider market. Their innovative approach is a huge one up for smaller boutiques. Little ideas making dramatic results.
After a successful run in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Miinto entered the US in November Last year. Last month it further entered the UK, Ireland, and Holland. So cray.

So here are a few accessories for your summer. ;)

 I think the "My other bags" series (The one with the clutch) might be my favorite. They have a picture of another bag on a tote. haha!

Miinto is giving $15.00 gift cards to Distrito Paparacchi readers if you like them on Facebook.


Happy Summer you guys<3
Have a look~


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Yanzhou Bou

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Incredible. Those city ones remind me of Haruki Murakami's After Dark
Yanzhou Bou's work

Inspiration Book 21

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Let's start here.

and keep going.

Cliche, ok.

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I still think..everything happens for a reason.
favorable / unfavorable.

Sewing buttonholes

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