What have you been doinggg?

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I love themm. And zumba. (That isn't a good picture.) I have windows 7 now! But I can't open any of my files on my external harddrive. I just borrowed a cord from Rachel but it doesn't really fit that well. And when it does notice it the only way I can open it is to format it and that would erase the files. So.. yea. I finished my speech on Friday!! That is insane. Maybe I'll upload what I read later. (LATER) I stumbled a bit on the end I should have just looked down at the note-card but just totally forgot. I tweet sometimes. You should totally follow me. And the drawing final is turned in. It's not the best but is a lot better than anything I could have done last quarter. This could be an embarrassing post. There are a few reasons why I go.

Say bye to the blonde. Well it's a 28 day change. and does not look like Nutmeg. I left it in too long. :( My fault. My fault.

You probs know how Asian obsessed I am.

I have a lot of Color Theory to work on. The other day I had to buy a certain sketch book for drawing class but it costs 30 large bucks for the maybe the 10 times you turn the page. Also, if I buy a 30 dollar sketch book that means I cannot buy drawing pencils and does that not defeat the purpose? At ExLihbris they sell a different dimension for 15 dollars. It's hard out here. My mom wants to know if I need more money but I found that my dad lost his job the other day. He's had that one forever and now he is old. So that's pretty scary. My mom doesn't really work so.. I have tried for a position as an RA but I don't think I have attended any Residence life events this quarter yet and cannot get a signature on that. We will see. My friend Kayleigh and I will possibly get job applications at XO. I don't really know.

So I've thought about a few things to keep up blogging. Including I have recorded videos. I would just have to first get over being embarrassed and put it up. Also, I was thinking of a day shot. But the dramatic hair change has already gone over. We'll see.


And what do I say if you're just amazing?

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"No they were not voices, they were not words, nor silence."
-Pablo N.

Yay for tributes.

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Sam, Sam, Sam.

We watched this in Speech class! You should REALLY go hear the one he did with Lady Gaga's songs. @Nikita:"Beast-mode!"

"Where are my Vanessa shots??"

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Can I not take something sensuous?

"Rock ya body, come on come on rock, ya, body,"

"First Day Back".

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First day of classes today and I started with: K. Lancaster at 11 for Speech. He seems really nice. I hope it's great. Unfortunately grey and balding falls into my personal asthetic. Should I say that on the internet? I am kind of nervous (Very nervous) about speaking. I also spend my afternoons avoiding ExLibris. My schedule is way nice. I mentioned I switched around in that book post.

It is jealousy worthy. Maybe I will work at the CVS? The one that closes at 6... Also, I played the Wii for the FIRST TIME today. And saw Moulin Rouge(sp?) for the first time too. These are going on the 2010 did list.
You will never guess what song I had stuck in my head today.

Am I weird or what?

no judging.

The "New Year Post"

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I totally wanted to make this post on NEW YEARS EVE. But, I just couldn't. But what's 3 day's after, it's not like one day a year or anything (slight sarcasm.) AND I don't really have much to talk about. There was apple cider involved. I was over it. Candace at the register in the Scafe deff asked me if I drank or got a little tipsy or whatever on new years and the Security guy/ Police man is like RIGHT THERE as in 1-2-3 (not only you and me♫ ♪) convo. I said "what are you talking about, I am a goodboy" and the worst part about it is I was trying to NOT sound boring. That was my spicy version compared to the actually thing. I swear I am not exciting. Exciting "goodboy" 2010? lawls.
Here's that photo montage. It was slim pickings (I lost my usb to connect my external harddrive / had the most obviously not to experienced flyer showing at the DCA. ...This is another story.)

2009 dids:
1.(these are not being ranked) blonde.
2.the 3rd plane ride after 1st grade happened. yay for that
3.The CityDance Ensemble. (love goes here)
4.First time eating/making sushi. Cake club forever.
5.This was the first time I went to forever 21. haha crazy
6.Lumiere lived. :)
7.First midnight showing. (a lot of firsts michael?)
9.the graduation.
10.Project Fundway happened. as well as death.
11.Washington Post happened. as well as Fox morning show.
12.asthma happened.
14.intro to crushing-like-inez.
15.intro to buying own toilet paper.
16.First time at the gymmm.
17.First time ice skating. (haha i have not lived)
18.First blogger post.
19.My Asian obsession started.
20.I met Ricky at VSL hair salon!!!! You make me bad boy. ..I wish.
21.Watched the first 3 seasons of digimon. haha..
22.Got caught in the deathly rain multiple times.
23.Photo shoots happened.
24.Prom happened.
25.Birth happened.
26.Headache at gallery/chinatown happened.
27.Out happened.
28.Salsa Monday.
29.Jazz at the White House. with bagels at sitar
30.Potbelly photoshoot.
31.Found reason to be happy, discovered the universe and actualize how small and almost insignificant I am yet how amazing it is I live.
32.Saw 500 days of summer.
33.And like every year, loved. But this is philos we are talking about.

...I really am boring.
Happy New Year!