Inspiration Book #18

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Alors mon coucher de soleil ? rappela le petit prince qui jamais n'oubliait une question une fois qu'il l'avait posée.
Ton coucher de soleil, tu l'auras. Je l'exigerai. Mais j'attendrai, dans ma science du gouvernement, que les conditions soient favorables.

" Then my sunset?" insisted the little prince, who never let go of a question once he had asked it.
"You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But I shall wait, according to my science of government, until conditions are favorable."

                      -----Le Petite Prince /  The Little Prince

Sitar Fall Showcase Week 2011

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At the end of each semester, Sitar Arts Center gives its students one of the most incredible opportunities: to be on stage. Sitar helps celebrate and unify art and community. How does Sitar change the world? Sitar gives equally deserving children, young adults, and adults a chance to experience the arts, realize talent, and feel better about themselves. Feeling good about yourself is in fact a value necessary to want to make others feel good themselves to. If more people have it we could live in a better more productive world where we wouldn't have to have an Occupy Wall Street, have leaders that genuinely care and lift its people and on a smaller but significantly effective scale more people with an urge to volunteer their gifts. Our planet has so much potential. Sitar is a little push helping us reach that. To check out more fun at Sitar and visit the center here's a link to their website.
Sitar partnered with Meridian Hill Pictures on a year long student film project producing an incredible documentary on their teacher Tim Gabel. It is called Life as a Collage. If you have an opportunity to see it prepare to be blown away :)

Influential Person #16:Tex Saverio

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Although he is still a relatively new designer in the global fashion sphere, Tex Saverio remains as one of my very favorite fashion designers. Beginning the quarter when I returned home I wrote a letter to Tex explaining how inspired, or better -more alive, seeing his work makes me feel. This is the truth. His designs don't appear to be about commerce, or even necessarily "fashion" but even better, beauty, magnificence and takes us to a more ethereal place. Here sometimes I'm a little afraid to tap into this, but Tex teaches me a very important lesson: to stay true to your dream and to your vision even if it doesn't seem like what everyone else is doing. -Which is in fact, the best part. Best wishes Saverio. Thank you for the confidence.

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I really do pray everyday that I will go back and it will be okay. -That all heaven be with me, keep me, take care of me. All of you angels please hear me.