FASM 245

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"As you will learn in this chapter, their job is much more complex than purchasing merchandise. Three factors affect the scope of the buyer's job: (1) merchandise carried, (2) organizational structure, and (3) size of the retail organization

Job Title: Description

Assistant Buyer: Works under the direction of a buyer, usually in a specific product category. Assists in sales analysis, handling reorders, and purchasing some merchandise.

Assistant Department Manager: Works under the supervision of a department manager. Assists in managing personnel, controlling inventory, and other store operations.

Assistant Store Manager: Helps in implementing merchandising strategy and policies. Works with personnel and overall store operations.

Catalog Manager: Selects merchandise for inclusion in catalogs. Works with vendors, places orders, and monitors order fulfillment.

Department Manger: Responsible for a department's merchandise displays, analyzing merchandise flow, and the training and direction of sales associates.

District Manager: Responsible for management personnel, sales generation, merchandise presentation, expense control, and customer service at all stores in the district.

Fashion Coordinator: Directs buyers in evaluating fashion trends.

Fashion Director: Responsible for developing and maintaining a retailer's overall fashion perspective.

Management Trainee: First position for most college graduates entering retailing. Involves company orientation, classroom and on-the-job training, and contact with all facets of the store.

Marketing Research Director: Acquires and analyzes relevant and timely information that assists executives in making important decisions. Heavily involved in research methodology and data collection.

Merchandise Analyst: Plans and evaluates merchandise allocation to stores to ensure merchandise is delivered at the right time and in proper assortments. Develops assortment plans based on trends and past performance histories.

Merchandise Manager: Plans, manages, and integrates buying for an entire merchandise division composed of several departments or product categories.

Sales Promotion Manager: Plans and enacts special sales, themes, and sales promotion tools, such as contests.

Store Manager: Oversees all store personnel and operations in a particular store. Coordinates activities with other units of a chain. Responsible for customer service, merchandising, and human resource policies.

Vice President for Merchandising: Responsible for developing and evaluating the performance of all product categories. Has responsibility for growth and profit.

The key function of the buyer is purchasing merchandise, but that requires analysis and interpretation of data and trends. Buyers must thoroughly understand their customers, the market, their products, and the competition before decisions can be made. "

Clodfelter Retail Buying From Basics to Fashion

Observation of a bumble bee

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After the long winter watching scad cocoons, I must admit, everyone today is looking like butterflies. I'm not really sure I went to school with these people before. Just a little more..brighter.

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I can't believe I am school right now. Pray for me.

An idea, or maybe better, a theory

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 I first saw these in Olivier's net-a-porter interview on youtube and ever since I have them in my memory. ...As well as Olivier. It's an aim kind of.

There are the most beautiful images like these on Theory's Chronicle section. So, so lovely :)

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11:47 PM Savannah time.
no mieko tominaga.


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Before I go to sleep and every time I wake up I think... "I can't believe I am here"


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Eating Cranberries or hummus
Thinking about nothing

Beautiful sketch by the beautiful Patricia Thomasson


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There are a few mantras I use whenever I feel like giving up.
The most recent:

"The difference between a winning and losing is one millimeter."
"It's just fashion."


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