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 I think sometimes my mouth moves faster than my head does. It's always nice to learn more about myself. Why did I react that way when I thought I would this way. Maybe something means more or less to me than I originally thought. Sometimes my hands write faster than my head does.


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 I think the thing about the present is - it really doesn't feel so important to record it because maybe it doesn't feel so important. Maybe it feels mundane. But if I stop for a second. It's literally "hello from my hotel room in Switzerland.' And never in a million years would I think I would be saying that. But in perusing all my old posts, this is the kind of thing I do desperately wished for. And now, now it's so normal. I imagine there's good in acknowledging the blessings because there's usually so much wanting. Five, four, three, back to wanting. But it's also nice having. Feeling like you have. And right now I'm feeling pretty good. 


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 It wouldn't be truthful if I said I wasn't disappointed that we didn't get the apartment. I was really looking forward to it. Where the dining table should go... the couches.. the tv. How we would divide the room. Cooking for my trips. Truthfully I can kinda almost feel my mom wishing it would fall through. I know she loves me. But I feel she doesn't love "me".  And so that is my life and I must keep on living. I have great friends, a great partner, wonderful support all around. We can push through this let down. I wanted to be sure to make a gratitude list before heading to bed tonight. I feel I could really use one. I have big dreams you know. Maybe a little smaller than they used to be. But right now, they feel big. But i've got to be humble. I've got to know that I have a lot. 

-Got a beautiful haircut at an awesome barber shop in greenspoint, I was looking for hours for places I could go and I feel like the haircut went above and beyond my expectations.

-I get to work with my friend Andres tomorrow

-I had an amazing V day with Trevor. I got to experience the top of the Empire State building and I must say it was much nicer than I imagined. Glad he feels on top of the world.

-Got a great leg day workout in at PF.

-My room and the apt is pretty clean.

-Im all packed and ready to go for tomorrow

-Pizza for lunch

-I have enough finances to get by for the week

-I'm sleepy and I'm in my bed. x