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I am made of feelings and thoughts. Still, all is well.


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Ni hao miercoles

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I probs need to acquire some new guy friends ya'll. *nerves* haha
...but for real. Pretty sure there are enough guys in the building to fit on one hand alone. Sometimes, you just have got to relate testosterone to testosterone. I am ridiculous, I realize. Just a thought for the universe to take hold. Free shipping's ok.

In the mean time I managed to run away to Washington for the (massive) weekend. No pictures, but alot of relaxation, eating, and running errands. Honestly, I'm so lucky to be able to go. Nothing like taking in a big gulp of air and it not being New York. However, it is always good to be back. --And I am so ready for the week. I believe. Hello Wednesday.

Day Trip

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--A few weeks ago, I began an internship at MOSCHINO, viva italia!
--I've found this awesome playlist on youtube, 
--Uncle Lucien's lunches
--Driving lessons take two
--Maslow's basic needs are getting covered.
--The beautiful weather we have been having
--Friends to adventure with
--Possibility always on the horizon.