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On the SCAD Fashion Department Blog I found this post about a Professor at Otis who posts Youtube videos about how to render different types of fabrics, hair, sheens, etc on the croquis girls. So cool! And so very helpful. Makenzye and I spent hours trying to figure out how to use markers last quarter all over youtube and I definitely stumbled across this one. What else? Try searching for anime marker drawings... I'm telling you, it helps.
Have a look at Kathryn Hagen's work for yourself here

Dear Lord,

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you have designed one breath taking human being and placed their body at the Savannah college of art and design FOR ME TO SEE AND NOT TOUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Influential Person #6: John Rise

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I owe a lot of credit for the way I approach classes and assignments thanks to John Rise. When I first arrived, now as silly as it sounds I didn't understand what good it did to devote every waking moment you had to an assignment / project and I honestly feel as though his drawing II class really helped shape my work ethic and more over myself, in a way I find appealing. I will always remember when he expected us to put in 40 hours a week and for our work to be better than all other drawing II and drawing III classes. And while I expected myself at the time to be a disappointment to him I put in absolutely everything and came out with drawings I could not even fathom being able to accomplish. And yes I'm sure they weren't as good as many other students in the class. My work never went up on the wall, and I didn't get anything higher than a B. I'm really proud of the new self that came out of the class. Always ready to work. Always ready to give a billion percent of my life and time to the project and always ready to surprise myself. Impress yourself. You can never finish doing so. So thank you John. I really do owe you a lot of thanks for your ridiculous expectations. I hope I can continue to do so for whomever I may work for, my professors, and myself.

Copyright © John Rise
John Rise

John Rise

John Rise

John Rise

View more of Professor Rise's work here

Job seeking, blogposting, positive thinking

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So it's looking a little like me against the world again. Or at least myself and everyone else seeking to be free fashionable labor over the summer. And so I find myself spending A LOT of time on Google. Bless you. After much researching I couldn't keep my mouth from opening viewing resumes from other students at schools like Parsons, FIT, and even completely non design schools.I was just mixing up the viewage. Could you imagine having Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Yohji Yamamoto all together on your resume? haha. gosh. I think like artwork, resumes / experience are good to evaluate just to get a better lay of the land. Here is Caitlyn Carlisle's portfolio. We don't know each other personally, and she has no idea I'm writing this -but her simple, totally navigable blog blew my mind - and maybe it'll do the same to yours. If you take a look at her res, she's having some of these internships during her time at school. I'm not just oogling over it... it's motivation! "Inspiration" Not. to. give. up. Let's. not. give. up.
(Btw, seriously, congratulations Caitlyn.  So impressive. It's so on. ;))

On another note, in US News "21 Secrets to Getting the Job" one of the tips suggested finding release from all the wear and tear of job searching or even the wear from having a job:

Don’t let it all just fester inside. Get it out through exercise, therapy, meditation, prayer—whatever works. Even when you’re not leaving the house (to go to a job interview or network), get dressed as if you were. Shower, shave, coif, and put on a decent outfit. You’ll feel better, promise.

It's so true. I think this is partially why I can't wait to go to church or take a shower. It's an odd escape, but an escape none the less. Sometimes I find myself living so on the edge, with these really terrible attitudes. Being overwhelmed takes a toll in frightening ways. "Relax". Breathe. Be ok. This may sound really silly, but look at the sky, look at the moon. Every thing is going to keep working, progressing, and you will too. I've died so many times. Cheers to a new quarter my friends. May we live again soon and come out with beautiful portfolios!

Best wishes!

Here are some possibly helpful links I've found/used internship searching-
College Central

Free Fashion Internships
50 Buzzwords you shouldn't use on your resume
Lavie Margolin's Lion Club Job Search
Parsons Career Services (it's not cheating, it's published on the web and it's IN New York)
Internship Cover Letters / Resume (So, So, SO, helpful) (there ARE answers out there)
Youtube (to watch videos about the designers, companies, videos are totally different from images)
The designer's website
Also, the comments section on posts. You'd be surprised how many people who work or have worked in HR post on there.
There are so many other links, I hope this has been a tiny bit helpful. <3


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I didn't exactly know what Dolfie was... but May May Kay posted a link to her new tumblr blog on Facebook dedicated to Doll photography. They are so cute. And their faces would make such good croqui. :)

so cute!! view more here

Beautiful Stranger.

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Let's go back to you not existing.

New Media

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I have a great bit of photography in my heart. I like to think I tend to think of things in "photographs": what would shoot well, what would look better in still motion, what is a good editorial piece? So here are samples of my two latest favorite photographers.

Paolo Roversi

Tim Walker

I don't know what's wrong with me

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But I'm so hungry lately, like I have never eaten in my life. Is this puberty?
soo hungry :(

Inspiration Post #11

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"So if I should visit the moon
Well, I'll dance on a moonbeam and then
I will make a wish on a star
And I'll wish I was home once again

Though I'd like to look down at the earth from above
I would miss all the places and people I love
So although I may go I'll be coming home soon
'Cause I don't want to live on the moon
No, I don't want to live on the moon "

Other Conversation

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I'm sure it's very true fashion is image driven, money motored... but it's also very powerful, and can also be very kind. Ortablu, a company involved with everything denim, partnered with UNICEF and created a contest for SCAD Fashion to design uniforms for kids in Sierra Leone who may not get to go to school because they can't afford the uniform. Instead, they may do other chores, or try to sell things. A week or two ago, I as well as other students submitted practical and aesthetic sketches of uniforms for the children. These would be sewn by a womens labor union in Lebanon, providing women with work, ultimately making it one big working circle, and I am incredibly, incredibly honored to participate. I'm so happy for SCAD. I feel like this brings so much good. The winner is announced sometime today and I honestly must say there were truly, truly wonderful designs. I did go through all of them ;) I was in the kitchen a little while ago, nervous as anything, and pretty much accepting defeat, but no matter what one scad student "wins", there are so many other victories. The children, Sierra Leone +,  get a uniform, the Lebanese women have work, and we have another portfolio piece, as well as a good conscience. Samantha's right, there is good in everything, as well as a reason for everything. I'll try to be optimistic. It's really small, but a uniform is almost like a way out of the regular cycle. If you give them education, that's just simply one step to being a level up from selling goods forever. There's so much opportunity here. If anything, I hope a little blooms there too. Have joy Sierra Leone.
To view student designs feel free to visit the Orta Blu website

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