Let love begin, 2011

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Welcome to a new year.

What are your new years resolutions? This year I want to act more like a boy. ;) Haha I'm serious! We'll see how that goes. I hope 2011 is absolutely brilliant for all of you. Let's conquer. All my love. Cheers!


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Facebook has a newish section that lets you post your "Most Influential People" or something along those lines, and I originally posted "G-Dragon" but then there wasn't a picture anymore so I took it down... But If I had to pick the best dressed person of all time... It would HAVE TO be G-Dragon. If I could only be anything like him. But seriously he is like the most stylish person on the planet. And the biggest props ever because he changes his style all-the-time. It's insane. He has a different hair texture every music video. He is apart of the group "big bang" and does featurings and singles all the time and I have pictures of him all over my o. Amazing amazing amazing amazing.



I'm being so serious

Inspiration Post (8)

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"Inspiration" can be a funny thing. My search is for the existence of an idea that sparks something. Whether in the form of image, sound, or a combination or if it ignites a positive or negative energy, the ability that it somehow fluxes your thinking, perception is the "inspiration" I am looking for. So these posts have been fun. I thought I'd share with you a different kind of inspiration "post" for the end of the year. ;) These are all videos, but some how affect me in a positive way just about every time. (These images are linked)
Ketsana --The Prayer (Chanting Inner Peace)
Laura Pausini -- Viveme

I think it's obvious I pick a lot of songs that aren't in english. But I don't know, I think sometimes there is something special about not really understanding and letting the words translate as sounds and emotions rather than words. We all know every song on this earth is a love song (might as well be true). This world is so so big, and after listening to so many songs you get slightly more in touch with the rest of it. I really want to go to places like Korea on day so I started with Music videos, and then I got caught up with celebrities, and television, and reality shows in different languages with subtitles! haha! I don't know how this all started... but culture is just so pure and deep. As for these two songs. Ketsana the Prayer is so oddly magical to me, it puts me in a much better mood, I play it over and over again when I need good things to happen. I know superstitiousesque but it puts me in a good mine. Second, I know it may seem super cheesy! But I love this song. ..I remember it from the telenovela "Ruby", or atleast I think that is what it was called. Once I wanted to learn spanish SO BAD I would just watch telenovelas whenever I came home. My mom didn't like that very much because how would you know when they were cursing. People talk to me in spanish all the time at home, I just wanted to be in the know. But I must say, I don't really look like I can speak spanish do I? Lol I swear people used to give my sisters handouts in spanish when we were in school and my mom would look it them like what is this. My odd life. But I like this song and I think it is very beautiful. Laura is a good singer!

Lastly, this video inspires me:

I don't think I am anything like Alexander Wang in terms of taste but I totally get the woman and look he is going for. And for whatever reason I find him more inspiring than I find his clothes. Alex is doing everything I want to do: he is doing it young. He wasn't waiting to grow up and work under other designers forever. He is doing it now and doing it well. And I honestly search and search youtube for videos and interviews on him and just watch. And whenever I am done, I feel so fueled. He's a great guy. Best luck to you Mr. Wang. Maybe we'll have a run in. I'm so terrified to go back to school. But I suppose it brings us one step closer.


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I am on the last episode and SO SO SOOOO sadd about it. I am leaving watching it for a good time. ...I am so immature for watching anime. But it has been so good!   I am so glad I stumbled upon this.one. ..I refrain from recommending it though.. HOWEVER

you must see this film::
It is called 5 centimeters per second and it is extremely, extremely beautiful. The story line is lovely, but the coloring and imagery is just fantastic. The entire time I was wondering how they did that, markers? the computer? It's a short ish film by Makoto Shinkai. And it is kind of confusing for me at time but you do manage to work it all out. It is a more "foreign" film in the sense it isn't a very "American" ending. Instead it is very realistic. Which is funny because at first it was very hard for me to accept it. But when you think about it, life doesn't play out like a fairy tale. How many times do your hopes hurt because you have such high ones? Anyway I don't want to ruin it. It's on you tube by some nice person. Just type in 5 centimeters per second. It comes in parts, I think there is someone who posted them in 10 min fragments.

it's just something beautiful to look at. ;)

I just made a big, fat, juicy financial mistake.

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After day Christmas sales, WHATEVER.


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If I were to tell you,
would we be able to take pictures together like this anymore?


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"As I, Turn Up The Collar On My
Favourite Winter Coat
This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind
I See The Kids In The Street,
With Not Enough To Eat
Who Am I, To Be Blind?
...I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways. "

I was about to write in my Facebook status how whenever Christmas comes around you realize how poor you really are. But wouldn't that be so silly? "Christmas" was such an interesting event. There wasn't any money (there was gold though), but there was happiness. And I have to admit that I am guilty of chasing after money with my intentions in the fashion sector because a lot of the time I feel like it is impossible to be happy in this world without money and ideas like "money doesn't buy happiness" are such lies. I don't actually know Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as humans, but surely there were things they would have wanted that would have been expenses. To be honest I just wish I were a little more humble. I could never think of being outside with my finance having a baby in basically the equivalent of a subway station with the mice and squirrels. But that isn't what I want to fix first. I want to learn to become more of a genuine person who understands the wider scope of the world. Then I think money will not be such a drive. A lot of the time I talk about this beautiful world, but it cannot be beautiful unless the universe inside of you, those atoms, those cells, first are. This miracle I ask for.


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Funny how we were all looking at the same moon at the same time. Super Romantic! haha.
I have to admit it is really something.
Makes this world seem so unimportant, if there's so much fluxing out there.

"Hitotsu ni musubarenai
Sonna toki mo
We'll be wishing on the same star
Looking at the same moon"
Wishing on the Same Star- Namie Amuro


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Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.

Cover Letter 4:15 AM

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Dear Mr. Gilks,

I'm so scared of writing this letter.

I really want to be an intern!

Some times so bad I guess I get so nervous I look so stupid It seems like I don't want it at all.

But I do!

And just because I was watching KDrama from 4 to 9 pm and having no idea it was dark outside all ready, or took my 3rd shower for the day, isn't because I don't want a job or to am willing to feverently work harder than reasonable.

It's because I am afraid of rejection.

Let's hope something good comes of tonight.
Attached I am including my resume and examples of my work (pdf).
I look forward to working with you. Let's have coffee.

Love (Slash that), Sincerely,