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"Most of all I pray you be infused with life and with hope."
Hi, I'm Miguel, I’m so happy to meet you *shakes hand*. I am from Washington, DC and completed studies at SCAD in Savannah, GA.  I enjoy observing beautiful things and meeting beautiful people. I wish to someday travel, collect -I mean adopt little Asian children. If I'm not doing anything "important" I am probably balling my eyes out watching Korean drama or going on a picnic with myself scarfing down sour worms. ...something like that. Distrito Paparacchi is a branch of my imagination and an extension of my life. Hopefully you don't mind too much. Just sit back and relax. Big Arigato. 

" It's up to you all to create a whole new world. Trust your instincts, work harder than reasonable, and follow your heart. It will take you far, and you'll have a great time on the journey—which is more important than arriving at the destination. Excelsior! -Stephen"

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