Sitar Fall Showcase Week 2011

10:34 AM Michael 0 Comments

At the end of each semester, Sitar Arts Center gives its students one of the most incredible opportunities: to be on stage. Sitar helps celebrate and unify art and community. How does Sitar change the world? Sitar gives equally deserving children, young adults, and adults a chance to experience the arts, realize talent, and feel better about themselves. Feeling good about yourself is in fact a value necessary to want to make others feel good themselves to. If more people have it we could live in a better more productive world where we wouldn't have to have an Occupy Wall Street, have leaders that genuinely care and lift its people and on a smaller but significantly effective scale more people with an urge to volunteer their gifts. Our planet has so much potential. Sitar is a little push helping us reach that. To check out more fun at Sitar and visit the center here's a link to their website.
Sitar partnered with Meridian Hill Pictures on a year long student film project producing an incredible documentary on their teacher Tim Gabel. It is called Life as a Collage. If you have an opportunity to see it prepare to be blown away :)