"First Day Back".

10:40 PM Michael 0 Comments

First day of classes today and I started with: K. Lancaster at 11 for Speech. He seems really nice. I hope it's great. Unfortunately grey and balding falls into my personal asthetic. Should I say that on the internet? I am kind of nervous (Very nervous) about speaking. I also spend my afternoons avoiding ExLibris. My schedule is way nice. I mentioned I switched around in that book post.

It is jealousy worthy. Maybe I will work at the CVS? The one that closes at 6... Also, I played the Wii for the FIRST TIME today. And saw Moulin Rouge(sp?) for the first time too. These are going on the 2010 did list.
You will never guess what song I had stuck in my head today.

Am I weird or what?

no judging.