There is an entire universe inside of you.

8:58 PM Michael 0 Comments

It seems when it comes to people, some are just more intimidating than others. These crazy social beings in a packed world and can feel so alone. Or maybe I feel overwhelmed gaining and gaining acquaintances but with no brilliant reason to it. Maybe it's not so much scary but just the idea this one person could change your entire life and you two are just a few feet away. And you could be missing out on this nano-second and this nano-second and this one too knowing each other. Strange how someone's effect on you can vary so greatly. They make you tense up and have no idea what to say sometimes(all the time) and amaze, stunn, whatever-you. And there's this entire portion of them that lived and lives without you that never bothers you with anyone else.
and the fact that I'm even thinking about these kind of things terrifies me.