Kitty Walk

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...I'm in CMPA right now, but I couldn't resist posting some pre fall collections because I miss posting catwalks so much. All fotos are courtesy of wgsn/! Zero credit for me. Here are some samples I thought were nice/ interesting/ appealing/ or just for education. you know. (now i am posting this days after.... I couldn't organize them before class ended)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Erdem always. I think that "galaxy" prints are really showing up a lot amongst designers' children. -like Christopher Kane. I mean I am all about Sailormoon and space so I ob love. ;) Anyway, what do I like about them? Elegance. So so beautiful. So so divine. The see through. all of eet.


I must admit that this is a new find for me. But I guess better late than never? I think it's very beautiful (I think everything is very beautiful) but the combo of the sheen and the mountain misty waterfall look and kind of editing of the picture really goes well together. Hmm. Lub.

You guys..I'm having A LOT of trouble moving these pictures around. ...Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.


I'll honestly admit that I'm a little obsesed. I like Jason Wu because his clothes are so playful and elegant and barbie esque. He actually makes cute bum doll clothes! And Mieko said he is really nice. Isn't that great?! You're awesome. But seriously, I'm like really into this collection. The stances, styling, background. ugh. <3

And the latest addition to my obsessions list. I literally used these poses to add into my notebook. Fash sketching is going okay. I'm trying to get better. I want to get better really bad. I don't want to think I'm not very good at drawing anywhere in my mind and just draw and draw well from now on. I want to think I can draw. Anyway, it's lively it's beautiful and it catches my heart.

ok, i give up on the runways again.