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I am not outspokenly anti or pro what is going on right now, but this argument is a little weak: That egg would NEVER have become a chicken, because it was not fertilized and obviously asexual repro; not every acorn becomes a tree, otherwise we'd be a little more closed in, that acorn falling is just as good as any egg falling during your time of the month; sure its not a dress, it will not make itself after 9 months; and lastly no that's not a person, but out of these pictures it is the only one that has been "fertilized" and sexually reproduced. better try next time.
 (note: I know topics like this are extremely sensitive, so I wouldn't usually voice my complicated opinion because I am so anti conflict, but I saw this and just thought it was a little ridiculous. The whole point of an "ad" is to be persuasive. But persuasive is hard when it is overrulled by silly. Don't get me wrong, there too are pro life arguments that are a little fragile. LETS STOP FIGHTING AND EAT RAINBOWS ALL DAY. seriously, we don't want to kill the baby, but we are going at each other. The lesson of life is love.)