Influential Person #12, Martha Stewart

11:07 PM Michael 0 Comments

You may or may not believe me (...but I think you might this time), when I was a kiddo during the summers and holidays I would religiously wake up in time to watch the Martha Stewart show because I was (and still am) absolutely obsessed with her. I used to want to be just. like. her. She can do any thing. As well as has a governing system over dishware, towels, gardening, stationary, decorating, lifestyle, food and health and an incredible amount more. She's so awesome... and I would pretend in the kitchen I was on her tv show (as herself of course) and my grandmother was my guest and I would explain to her how I would go pick the berries right outside the house with my nieces and nephews as the thanksgiving turkey is left outside to defrost. I'm so weird I know. But Martha is not. And considering all the mountains she's been able to climb over and still manage to be fabulux, I think she is quite inspiring and most definitely influential.