Liberty for all

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Surely....I'm not the only one who didn't realize that there exists OTHER versions of the statue of liberty.

I was looking for images of the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba and kept seeing an image of the statue of liberty and I thought this has to be impossible.

But here it is. Glorious isn't she. I think this is pretty insane. Now it finally makes sense to me as to why there was a statue of liberty cameo in Digimon. I had just figured they went all around the world again on Imperialdramon's back to stop all the gates from opening. ...I close.
And it turns out there are A LOT of them, other than just in Vegas. More than 30.

The original in the Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris 1889) /  Colmar

Israel / River Seine in Paris, France  
Lovely gift I must say. She can have her picture taken all day.