Michelle Phan and Psychology

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 Psychology Final Discussion *******
Michelle Phan is most likely, no, make that definitely one of my top 3 people in the entire world. I find her journey as a regular art student blogging on xanga, denied a job at a Lancome Macy's makeup counter, and then years later first appearing in Vogue, then magazines across the globe and then becoming Lancome's - the same company the originally denied her (and the world's) very first video makeup artist. So how can I and her fans be so intrigued by her?

Michelle Phan caters to what girls all over the globe are looking for, advice and help from a real person regarding confidence through an accessible way: YouTube. We learned a little about teenage years and the formation of an identity. Adolescents are always thinking about themselves and always thinking about their faces and pimples and blemishes and thinking that everyone is looking at them. While it may appear like 'oh that is so superficial, we should preach liking yourself with no makeup on', there is something so magical about fashion/makeup that it gives the opportunity for a person to think "I kind of like myself" even when they usually don't for just a minute.  Michelle teaches a girl to figure out how to do makeup on her own in simple, affordable, sometimes kookie (like putting aspirin or kitty litter on your face), and easy ways to feel a little bit better about going into a world where everyone is looking at you.

I suggest Lancome is the one to recognize the "psychology of Michelle Phan". In being a real actual person, that has a passion to help, and has young people that are drawn to her internationally, she would be the perfect and most profitable candidate as their spokesperson. Very similarly to makeup, we could think about why else do we work out, or whiten our teeth, or decide not to eat? Sure it could also be a psychological study of us wanting to look our best for a potential mate, or job and financial success, but I think a lot of it has to do with giving us the opportunity to approve of ourselves.