Brighter day

1:07 AM Michael 0 Comments

Lately, I've been encouraging myself to think of a few good things that have happened during the day before going to bed. Really, it has been relatively helpful, because even with bouts of unfortunate happenings, there are buckets of fortunate events.
-Having lunch on the play ground
-Salsa, and meeting some really awesome people
-The ride on habersham tonight was dream like.
-I draped the bottom part of the jacket
-There were grilled chicken sandwiches at kroger
-Got up early and listened to a few ted talks, including the benefits of sun.
-Got a ride from Leah from the rain.
-Found some great images of people running for portfolio.
- Finding these great images to go with this post
-Changing my desktop picture to lavender fields
-Watching "The Paperman" on youtube