Forever Twenty-One

12:00 AM Michael 0 Comments

So here I am, the last evening of 21. The last ten minutes infact. Really, this is all very somber. It's the year they want us to immortalize forever. "Forever Twenty-One" 
Will I always wish I were 21? 
We've been together for a few years Miguel. And really, I probably wouldn't, (nor could I could have) do, (done) it with anyone else. Forever 21, Forever 22, Forever 23...
4 minutes left, 
And I am spending them writing a report because I am still equally afraid of writing after all these years. Ironic. 
I wish you a very happy birthday Michael. From the 21 year old me. I will always be 21. And I can't wait to see what happens to you. All my love, really.