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My big realization: a tendency to grasp at things when I get a bite. And that kind of attitude doesn't lead to any thing good for the parties involved. I want to protect the butterflies that land on my hand, not swish them, or ignore them.

I am standing on the train and notice someone looking over and so I look over too. When the seat in front opens I slide into it and they slide into the spot next to me. We go a few stops and notice them smiling again, so in a moment of unexpected boldness, I ask what they are smiling about and if I missed something funny. In the conversation to follow I ask if they grew up in New York. After the 'no' I actually thought would be a 'yes', they follow with, "guess". And I am just thinking, "The world is so big, how could I possibly guess". Reflecting on those words later, my, how profound that is. They could really be from any where in the world, and the world really is so big. So many awesome people are out there I have never met before. So many people we are compatible with and can effect each other in extraordinary ways. They say, "Cyprus". So there's really no need to grasp. There really are "many fish in the sea" and many opportunities to make connections. You've just have to have these moments of boldness, no matter how awkward, to say hello.