May notes

12:11 PM Michael 0 Comments

-Instead of saying "sorry", try a different word. No need to come off as so apologetic all the time, especially when you could just say "hi" or "excuse me" instead.
-The big font on my phone screen does make me feel matured initially, but boy do they make seeing/comprehending a lot quicker.
-The best things in life aren't always free. Sometimes you have to lose a little money to learn what the best things are. --Like not playing for a mac on quibids.
-Eat breakfast. I've gone years without making it a priority and now it may finally be catching up on me.
-Asking for help is not a bad thing. Everyone is going to think you are doing just great if you do not ask.
-Manage to wake up earlier to work on a project. My goal time is 5:30. There's something good about working on something you want to do, that you spend the day thinking about, not getting to it because you are tired when you get home, but managing to squeeze it in, in the a.m. that is rewarding. Also, I was reading an article how you shouldn't use a computer that early--which is true, because time seems to go so much faster bee-lining around the web--but I feel my email's are so much more effective then.
-The big thing on so many brands minds now is how can I evolve to stay relevant, how can I make myself desirable to the market of today since my past market is maturing, or how can I cater to that same customer at the age they are now. Just something I've been thinking a lot about, because you as a person, as a music artist, or average joe, do have some innate desire to be somehow relevant. Note: Desire is a big/key term at the moment.
-Frequented websites this month:,,, (sewing supplies),
-Be patient, be dedicated, try