When all my goals were material

3:14 AM Michael 0 Comments

It's always good having moments where I feel like I am coming back down to earth. Especially now.
The most interesting thing to growing is watching yourself change. Approximately each month, once or twice a month, an employee sale would roll around. And over time, something that used to be so easy to resist, became so irresistible. I would begin to plan out what I would get during the next one. My "goals" per say would become new items, clothes, branded scented aqua, all temporary things. And during times when my feet would touch the floor again, I would feel kind of sad. My real goals, my real dreams/ambitions started to seem less important and less realistic and so in its place I would put very real material things. A moto jacket can come with the dream, but shouldn't be the whole dream.
As with any journey, you learn things, about yourself, about the world, and you keep going forward, searching for your treasure. Something much more valuable, something much more true, something that can really bloom.
For now, there is lasagna to enjoy and company to enjoy it with. Much success Miguel.