Greetings from Bethlehem.

10:52 PM Michael 0 Comments

I know it's almost over but I hope everyone got to have a wonderful Christmas. It's scary when you get to a place where you aren't even looking forward to Christmas and it just comes. Not bad of course. And it's obviously not about presents or anything but despite a previous year of me asking for nothing I actually had my eye on this cutie right here: But I could never tell my parents this of course because art supplies are like death and a plane ticket is better than what Charlie got. I just hope you find some happiness somewhere today, it has been a great year.
By the way, Bethlehem has been totally awesome. Chilling with the animals, blogger shots with Jesus. Despite the story saying the couple being led to the animal's keeping, let's make room this time around. There's really so much.
Pa rum pum pum pum.