My teachers are some cool dudes slash, the Sartorialist comes to SCAD!

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This amazing photograph was taken by Nikita M.
So ya, the Sartorialist totally came to SCAD last weekend, how crazy is that. It was a back to back with April from Project Runway. I know! Insane right? I suppose that's one of the quirks about SCAD is such amazing people fly, or in Scott and Garance's case, ride the pavement. And of course, they show up on my Dashboard all the time. And you know, I didn't ask about how his blog spot became a place of many hits, but he did mention that he started well, for himself. And that's amazing, because then people love what you love because you are so passionate about something. I hope they are doing well, in perhaps London(?) and hopefully they never get to see this picture. -But if they do HI! Thanks for coming!
And I have to say I love getting to see every one at these little lectures slash talks because we all seem so distant from each other now and it makes me really sad! But I cannot stress how much I LOVE SEEING YOU. Perhaps the best part of being Fashion Design is you get to work with such beautiful people all the time, even if it is just the outside. THE OUTSIDE MATTERS. <3 Otherwise, we wouldn't have a job.
But you are all very adorable and I am absolutely honored to go to school with you.
...I'm not really sure if the washing machine is working, random, but I just had to take the mass of my clothes out just to get it spinning again. -And I don't really hear any consistent noise. ...Oh well.
Anyway, so there was a little bit of a stand still in the past because I was devoted to getting my Homework done on time. That's right it wasn't even "Project 1" ;) But I absolutely understand what Marie is doing and I truly appreciate it because the work needs to be difficult, it needs to be the same pace as the future. Otherwise, how would you keep up?
I'm not even going to pretend like I was successful at InDesign
Leading into the irony of constructing 30 pages reflecting fall trends 2011.

Those captures aren't in any order. But I started by trying to identify the girl of 2011. And luckly I wasn't doing it completely on a whim. Color forecasting suggests a nostalgic feeling of 2011. The recession being over, an increase in optimism. And to me a girl that is developing for love. And best of all, doing well, doing okay. So it's okay, and it's turned in now. And I left paper letters and numbers on the kitchen counter last night. It's a nice class, although it's a ton of work. I feel like I should be more optimistic about it sometimes. This is what I want to do (period, question mark, period question mark). We'll see- together I promise. Otherwise I do love my professors a lot and this they are wonderful instructors.

I wish I could see more of you guys... Our schedules, living spaces, everything are so different. It's like I have no friends! ...Not that I had any friends. jaykay kiddo. Slash omgosh(!!) it's so sweet when you guys tell me you read  my posts! It's very flattering because I have really no idea! But you know, anonymous-ity is a good thing I guess. Especially if you wouldn't want me to know.. Or... if you print these out to put next to my picture in your burn book. Okay..weird.
But it's been fun being Savannah residents! And I'm sure the washing machine will end up working.