Save the world

4:47 PM Michael 0 Comments

Once you talk about it, if becomes totally real. -And that's my fear. Reality. If you push or prod your mental too lightly, won't it hurt later? Nothing has told me it isn't fair, but you sense things and those feelings are what keep all of your locks further and further in your chest. I'm so stubborn. I'm not talking about an ending. I'm talking about a beginning. It's just as bad. Why? Well the beginning is always the part where you look back and wonder why you were so stupid, and hope you will be a much smarter, cautious person in the future. And then of course sun shine comes around and you are like "crap". This makes no sense! I'm so sorry. But I wonder if it is okay to think this way. Trading lives. And I know all the movies and love stories out there tell you to break those walls. We'll...they are movies and stories. We could sit here together. But I'm just writing because I'm ALWAYS going to think about it, and how we don't know each other, and how stupid it would be to push the world in a position to change that. So silly.
It's a courage thing. ...It's also a pride thing. I wish I didn't have so much homework. I wish everything were a little bit easier. Then there would be no need to save the world.