It's that time of the quarter again.

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The end slash the beginning. So for any other savvy, stardom hopeful it's also that time to whip another portfolio together.  I am SO GLAD, I did not post last night. You guys would have really not liked me. haha. ...I was so disappointed in the ending. Quarter endings are always melancholy no matter how hopeful for me anyway. But I couldn't believe the quality of my classes work.. Like for the first time I really think I may have felt insulted. The class before us was so good! I kind of do understand why Lara picks on us so much. It's hard to see serious effort. I feel like my work could grow so much better if I was a little more intimidated or in a heightened learning environment. I'm not great or anything! Just the opposite! I feel like I could have potentially done better. And now it's a mystery what those croquis could have been like. But here's a final girl, and I truly am so happy about them!! But could you imagine them sexier?
Sorry I've been pausing. There's still so so so so so so so so so much to post about... arg.
Two many thoughts.
I really wish I had  some money so I can buy groceries...
Guess I am fasting?

much lurrrrv. <3