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I can't believe I am saying this, but I absolutely love fashion sketching. -And I am so glad I feel this way. I was so afraid! and I got such bad grades! -But all of that pushing made it so much better and I'm so glad I get to share a little with you. Sorry if it's not too interesting. Here are some images of the classrooms, model drawing room, etc -places where all nighters happen. It's probably a good thing eckburg isn't actually 24/7 all of the time, because I am afraid I wouldn't be able to leave. Next quarter. It's all eckburg, and i'm so excited and so nervous and have no idea how I will survive. But do any of us know this? Probably not.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to much lately. If I had my way I would blog every day, multiple times a day. I like reflecting, journaling. I walk around with SO many blog post ideas in my head, so until I post one I kind of back it up a little, -and I had these pictures.
It's always night time these days. You wake up, you live during the day, and work during the night and the cycle continues and continues. It's like Gotham city. Hopefully I'll get into a better cycle of things. I've been sleeping a lot better this quarter. Now I tend to make sure I sleep a little so I can work the next day. Last time I lit-ter-al-ly could not go to sleep. But now I worry if I purposefully leave the night time as an opportunity to do work. I'm participating in an awesome contest by the way with Unicef and an amazing company called Orta Blu. I've started a post about that to but never published it. We submit our work on the 11th. Pray for me! haha! I'm sooo serious. It may sound silly, and maybe a little backwards and strange and overly religious, but I really feel this quarter has really given me a chance to be closer to God and maybe even more spiritual, if you like to call it that. Sometimes I really couldn't even make church last quarter sometimes because I was soo tied up. But now I generally make sure to go, and if I sleep to late, there is always a mass at the cathedral at 1 and can run into the beautiful John and Karen there.
Really though, being here, and doing all this fashion has in an odd way brought me closer to death over and over. And it sounds like I am exaggerating, but you are literally put in these ridiculous situations and have to find a miracle in order to succeed. And I think in surviving we all succeed. Everyone here is so talented, it's so ridiculous.Thank you for all of your inspiration.

I love Lara. I love all my fashion professors. SO HONORED YOU'RE MY TEACHER!
 I'd say there's been quite a bit of progress. quite a bit my friends. nothing I love more than a chop stick girl I guess. ;) Let's let this be a lesson that you-can-do-whatever-you-put-your-mind-to. I had never drawn anything in my life! We hear it a billion times, but I practiced so so hard. Because I don't want to ever think I can't draw well anymore. I think that holds me back a lot. I have this mentality that I'm not a very good drawer and that's ok but actually I don't want it to be ok. I want to show my best effort. Thank you for giving me those Cs and Ds Lara. I have no idea what grade I have in your class, but you have taught me so much. ..If you see this I for one am blushing.
Well good night space cadets. I was nice posting again. I have so much on my mind but I shouldn't bore you any further. Wish me luck and fortune in school and I will show you some sketches for the uniform contest just for updates sake! Love you bye <3