Oatmeal DIY

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Here's a super easy way to moisturize and heal your beautiful skin. Knowing me, I'm willing to try any thing to fix my face, and I must say there is a definite glow that never fails to appear after this easy face wash.

Simply dampen a small handful of oatmeal (you can use a lot less than what I have here in the bowl) with water and then press the oatmeal with your free fingers. Oatmeal milk will start to form but don't let that run down the sink. You want to get that goodness on your face, so I usually empty it over into a plastic dish and then pour it back into my hands and onto my face. Get the oatmeal into a nice mash. After applying the oatmeal water onto your face, go right ahead and apply the oatmeal.
Let it sit for about 10 minutes if you have the time. Otherwise go right ahead and wash it off it you need to. (trust me, sometimes I'm running to class this way). I can't take credit for coming up for this idea. I'm stealing the tutorial from Bubzbeauty. You can also find similar tutorials just like this one online.
The oatmeal is particularly effective because it pulls excessive oils off of your face. It is especially anti-flammatory (relives itchy skin). That's why Arthur and DW took oatmeal baths when they had the chicken pox. I really believe there is an importance in taking care of yourself and taking care of your skin. Confidence is so important in every field and looking your best can help boost such.

once time is up and you are ready to rinse and pat dry, your skin is bright and happy. Cheers you guys. As always I wish good health.

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Watch Bubz's Video Tutorial here!