Curiosity vs. Comfort

10:57 PM Michael 0 Comments

Over the course of the month I have been pondering the significance of risk taking and really trying to assess the level of risk I take in my life. I am noticing I tend to either go for high risk when it's in my favor for the future to be expedited or at other times opting for the lower risk method, I am wondering if I were to flip the script, how dramatically would my life change?

I'd say our willingness to take or not take risks is a primary element to creating our future. 

I was walking through the 53rd street pathway thinking how the age old phrase, "curiosity killed the cat" is actually true in many ways. There have been many times before I have been hurt by my curiosity. But there are also many good things that would not have come to me if I were not curious. The times I decide not to be curious or go getting must be attributed by my desire to be comfortable and far from harm. Comfort is comfortable, but so not exciting. Right now I am thinking of how I need to reopen, apply and close the jobs on my browser instead of waiting for the next day. I'm so afraid of not hearing a response I'm not even doing anything.

All of this is really just to talk myself into jumping more times than I don't. And to think I could be far more happier than I am now if I put my pride away and get ready to get up after the silence or smile at hearing the "yes" I so readily want to hear.