Floating for peace

11:13 PM Michael 0 Comments


For getting on work on time and groomed this morning despite all odds.
For the new umbrella that keeps me dry. Shout out TJMaxx
Also... that picture frames went on sale at Target.
For making new connections and relationships with influential people at work. For listening to me.
Learning to make the most of the situation I am in but having people to keep reminding me to aim higher and refuse to get to comfortable.
For my awesome phone that seems to have just enough battery to get through the day and shut off only just before I reach my apartment.
My parent's encouragement, because that is our most valuable gift to each other.
For all the meals that I have recently received for free. I am surrounded by big hearted people committed to keeping me fed. May I also return the favors in full.
For all moments of feeling happy. They are all not regrettable.
For having my back against my new bed in my still new to me room.
For having the means to shelter myself.
For being quick to love and quick to heal when needed.
For today's sense of optimism and accomplishment that has swept over me.
For being headstrong in making the future count.
In being un afraid to ask for what I want in order to make it happen.
For choosing myself as a friend, comrade, and sidekick to all sides of me. That I work with myself and not against myself.