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Gratitude October 1 -

Life - b/c it's a place to learn and develop yourself and the world around you. What an opportunity. What a challenge - again - what an opportunity.

Friends - b/c they are there to slap me when I need to be slapped. -And feed me when I need to be fed. I came home and there was food in the fridge that I didn't make myself.

Family - b/c they are resilient and care about each other. ps. - unfortunately we haven't been able to contact several members of our family after hurricane maria / irma and have lost everything....everything- homes, food, resources, it's actually very sad - but we are trying our best to make a way.

Being able to learn things fairly quickly - When I opened iMovie for the first time, I was so dumbfounded, but I was so determined to create a video, and soon I've discovered that I love creating movies. It is pure pleasure and really feeds my creative crevices.

15 September blog posts! - I took a glance back and saw the last time that happened was September 2010. Of course, I was so young and eager then - but what's wrong about being older and eager :P I have always noticed over time, after writing things and getting it out somewhere - on paper, on a blog - strangely wonderful things happen. Like the universe is like, 'yes, I have been waiting for you to make this concrete observation/'s the next step'. It's also very special reading all these letters to yourself from yourself so long ago. What a great friend you have inside.

For myself - dude you've got to be the strongest chico I've ever met, in the lowest egotistical way. I'm so happy to be on this journey with you and am so proud of your transformation inside and out.

For Elmhurst - what a beautiful neighborhood to live in with such beautiful people with beautiful families. I'm always amazed by how warm my little neighborhood is.

For having worked at Bloomingdales - honestly, there were days I was really meh-ish about working there, but man has working there developed some incredible people and aesthetic skills that have come in handy so many times lately.

For the mta - I'm kinda half saying this one hehe and saying it to welcome the future of a reliable, clean, efficient people filled subway system. Bring it to me universe!!!!

For bubble baths - boy do I love a good green tea, eucalyptus, oatmeal bubble bath.

And once more, because once wasn't enough - friends - you guys are diamonds. supernovas. universes rolled into a human body. I am so honored to have met you and to be meeting you - future friends.

Your Miguel