I want your lave.

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Hello lovely Sunday-ers.

I sincerely hope everyone's been having a wonderful week!

woop. (...I promise you you will never see that top picture anywhere else on the internet. facebook world? no.)
I obviously don't say a lot of stuff that's going on or in my mind because this is pretty much open for the most part, and I don't get to see profile views or stalk the viewers so YOUUU are totally safe. Sorry, I'm super shy. But idk maybe I should work on that. (I probably will not) However I was accompanied by quite the beautiful caravan of folk to church today including my drawing teacher and his wife. This wasn't my idea, but eh hey. It might take a while to get back into a regular Sunday. This is such a lame post. haha. gosh. I should be reading for my movie based english class. Apparently Trey's life drawing model had a puppy in his purse he called his baby and red undies. We weren't THAT lucky. there's SO much to say. youu should text me and we could chat! I was in the bathroom today at Eckburg and gosh every bathroom in this school is "nice to look at". I wouldn't put my tongue on it or anything but no bathroom is boring here at scad. I even tweeted that. but then again I guess I tweet everything now.

Yesterday at Michael's, this random bum guy tried to help us open Kayleighs car because the keys were left in the ignition. And after trying and trying (after us trying because we WERE at a craft store), the guy goes in to buy his stuff and comes out with a stick or something.

But what was really weird was after giving up and leaving, the guy drove back, walked to us, and apparently "stopped at" men's warehouse and got us a hanger. Nice at first, a little obsessed. haha. He couldn't open it, little did he know he was about to be such a blogged celebrity, so instead we had to call "pop and lock" to pop that lock. ...which almost didn't happen. But did! I did say something about having an english paper to write. I went in to draw that skeleton we have to do, and literally the break down is two different teachers and sets of classes have to draw the same assignment, but it's never crowded. And I am thinking it will soon be quite the convention? It's just I don't feel it would be right to "regress" in drawing class. After having a goal of "40" hours per week. 5 hours on a weekend is like uh. But I am very happy with my class! Positive posts! Positive posts!

Today is the Gag sters birthday.

So of course I tried to do something themed.

Next time I paint my lips and wear paper and foil. This has been quite the camera post! Omg! I did not mention that we have zombies. and oh my gosh, are there ever much too many.

Spring Quarter I feel like you're running away so quickly. And you are slipping right through my fingers.
English here I come.