Bring out your beauty.

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It's warm outside so we tend to take in a lot of liquids. It's not water, but this one's been around for thousands and thousands of years! There's this hype about green tea right now and you can probably find it in just about anything including face wash, cake flavors and ice cream. But one of the most effective ways to use it is to drink it of course! 

The Chinese have been known to use this tea to treat everything from headaches to depression. It's been observed that it can decrease the chance of cancer by 60 percent! As well as lower your cholesterol, your weight, chance of heart disease, (skin, stomach, prostate,lung, bladder, and more types of) cancer and so so much more! It's a good replacement of coffee if you are trying to weaken your addiction because of it's caffeine. It is almost impossible to list all the many, many benefits of this drink. What is so fascinating is that although about seventy-five percent of Japanese men are smokers, cases of cancer and heart disease are quite low. We obviously cannot say the case is the same here in America. Drink green tea smokers. Black, white etc are not as effective simply because green tea is typically the least processed and still has most of the natural properties in it that make it so special.

Also! Everyone loves an anti-oxidant these days! Anti-oxidants are so important because they combat free radicals which harm blood cells and weaken your immune system, inhibits the formation of blood clots (which lead to heart attacks and stroke) and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
If you think about it, Asian countries are often known for their teas, herbal medicines, and good health.

In order for this to be effective you have to drink a lot of green tea! I mean a lot! Like 4, 5, or 8 cups a day. But don't worry I will do this challenge with you.
I promise you can totally tell the difference when you are lacking green tea how good it really is for you. You are less likely to get sick, helps with stress, and cleans those insides.
I swear I get stressed out so easily, and because I am so pimple prone I am always boiling green tea! Since it's summer, and although it is better to drink it warm I totally understand if you add ice. I also add sugar.
I mean..come on. I'm trying to grow up and do without it. ;)

Try getting a good brand of green tea. The higher up on the mountain it was the more beneficial properties the leaves contain, otherwise they are probably just leaves in a baggie. I don't want you to spend a lot of money! But Tazo is a pretty trusted brand and I use this one here in the picture
from a family friend. There are sometimes little Asian stores around. They are the best. I swear they have pills and teas for everything. Anyway, I know that Lipton is a pretty trusted brand, but for whatever reason, I do not trust their green tea is very good. ...It does not taste like green tea.
Lipton is very commercial.

Like any tea, boil your water, let it coolish and then pour into a cup with your tea bag in it. Sometimes I forget and leave my bag in for hours, but don't follow my habit! Take it out after 2 to 5 mins. And like I said add your sugar, ice. Or! You can throw 2 tea bags into a pitcher, add some hot water
and toss it in the freezer. Arizona Tea Company cannot compare to you! 

Don't worry if your tea doesn't look super green, I'm pretty sure some of those green tea images are color enhanced a little. ;) I wish you luck on your wellbeing and beauty!
Those anti-oxidants do us well! Drink yourself lovely.