You, Still

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I loved watching the Menswear Spring 2011 collections! And now that the strips, cargos, florals, paintings, and jute shoes are over. I still come back to this one.
 Maybe it's the flowers in their hair or holy beads on their wrists.. but gosh. I think it is very beautiful! What wonderful fairy men. Thank you so much Alexis Mabille! It's funny because posting these photo montages used to be so awkward at first, but now I actually look a little bit forward to them. I was originally doing it for me to simply know what was out there, but I really like sharing it! I notice I tend to post a lot of menswear articles although I would like to focus on women's wear! I don't know! I probably do it because I'm a guy.. and like to see my options! This is all one big personal notebook. This may sound so silly, but lately I've been stressing about if my posts/blog is serious enough. I mean there are so many amazing blogs out there, with followers and comments, and I don't know if I reflect "Fashion Major" well enough. I'm not being sponsored and I don't get clothes sent to my doorway. But then I've been thinking: What you like is what you like. I've started thinking of this to seriously. I love posting just to post, even if this is all for myself! I enjoy doing this. I want to be honest with you and myself in who I am. There should be no stress there! Anyway! This all goes into mentioning I've applied to join this awesome fashion blogger website called Independent Fashion Bloggers. I love looking at other people's sites and it really is true that you can never be exposed to enough. Wish me luck. Much love! and enjoy Distrito Paparacchi IFB.

At the end of the day, if you’re having fun and love your work, that’s really all that matters. If you have an audience of even one reader, just consider it a bonus. Blogging is not about numbers and comments and popularity. It’s about creative expression—that’s why you started your blog, remember? It wasn’t for everyone else. It was—and is—for you. Thank you Vahni. (IFB Article)