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I live in a wonderful galaxy and naturally, it is a friendly place to live. The whole idea of books like The Secret and The Alchemist is an urge to allow the universe inside of you to bloom. Although large in scale, some how every molecule that makes up every object and being is delicately connected. Your life, your dreams move these particles. 

Some how I am so blessed and have been so indescribably honored to run into the most incredible hearts. I am so speechless. You are my life source. Such experience is empowering. My only dream is for the each individual in the world can realize their importance, how connected to the globe they really are, and to continue to dream. My parents are not American and have no idea about fashion or television and they give me everything they can and some how my journey has been so undeservingly rewarding.
I don't know if you believe in the Big Bang, or an Intelligent Designer vs Evolution, however I do think it is reasonable to believe there is a beautiful Love that moves everything as well as exists in everything.So I say thank you to Love.
I do have doubts. But you know, my life, your life, is worth taking the chance. I am so happy I met you Tim. You are such an inspiration.  May designers continue to save the world and these moments are forever in my heart's treasure box.