I was seriously thinking yesterday

9:51 PM Michael 0 Comments

That I truly do take a lot of stuff for granted. Like - my computer. It's seriously falling apart. And I don't mean like spyware, adware, and viruses, I mean it is physically falling apart. It's kind of embarrassing. I couldn't dare tell my mom. Haha. So what's wrong? So there is obviously a bar between the keyboard and the lcd screen that helps the screen move, well I can't move it right now because the bar is cracked and moving it only makes the crack larger and the trim around the screen has popped and when I snap anything back in place it is the most temporary fix. All of this is to say I really must be some kid to neglect my things like this. That's the whole reason my other camera got smashed. I don't take care of anything and yet I still want things. How silly. I seriously only seem to take care of things when they're new and then something else appears. I guess this is normal? but I'm not necessarily okay with it. I should not be thinking about a new computer! I'm seriously going to have to tape it together. At least the "change your battery" sign doesn't come up anymore. Disaster. Anyway, thanks for reading about me ramble about my computer problems.
On a completely different note, putting beans on your face is probably the best thing you can do if you want to clear your skin. I know it sounds weird! but it will work every single time. In the mean time, I await a phone call from F street, and have punished (rewarded?) myself for getting more sleep than I need by writing scholarship essays and entering sweepstakes. I'm not kidding. Sweepstakes! I didn't go shopping that other day. Isn't tom called Cyber Monday or something? Get those savings kiddies. In the mean time, I'm going to look up what foreclosure means because goodness knows I don't know. Just the part about not paying your mortgage and giving your property up to the bank? I don't know if that's really what it's about? Omgosh so sorry again for listening. RAMBLE. RAMBLE. RAMBLE. <3