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I think a lot of times when I pray for things I'm really asking for what I want to happen or want to have. When in actuality, maybe those aren't the things that really should happen. (or be the subject of my prayers). Sometimes when things don't work out, better things are actually forming. I read yesterday on a blog (Michael Hyatt) "just because miracles don't happen instantaneously does not mean they aren't miracles". Which is so unbelievably true. I think you can align the universe to work out in ways you would like it to but "what you would like" is not always "what is in your favor". So I guess while I've been distracted and planning out my next months trying to decide when to start crying. -But which ever happens in the next few weeks, joy, more crying, suicide, etc. let's hope it's whatever makes the universe happy. There's always next time I guess. I guess. I guess. I guess. Let's look towards other flowers.
I'm sure there are a lot more people with a lot bigger worries than mine right now: hunger, fear, uncontrollable disaster, and didn't deserve any of it.  Sometimes a positive prayer begets a positive motion. So although I'm asking for a need again, I realize it's also good to be grateful for where we are and think outside of the present bubble. 
p.p.s: Miguel, it's never good to put all your happiness in one place. Every day deserves a little bit too. Regardless.