DIY Home Made Shoe Polish...

11:55 PM Michael 0 Comments

So I'm back down on the planet and I def wish I would have posted something like this for the beautiful graduates and prom goers- but then again I thought this might be WAY too tacky and let's just take this as a helpful hint in dire, maybe more casual moments. It's summer time so that means more DIY's again! Until I sat on my camera today.... so scratch that :*( haha. anyway here's a quick and easy way to "polish" your shoes if you don't exactly have shoe polish and a polish brush around or your in a super super hurry.

1) Get some Windex or act-a-like and spray your shoes! (I know you're scrunching your face)
2) Take a towel and polish. Done! I know it's super simple and kind of silly and who knows if you'll actually take me up on it but it's a fair fix. My theory  is it helps give those leathers a streak-free shine.You can also use Pledge furniture cleaner as an even better option. We used to be required to use those in JROTC in high school. lol so tacky but so cute! Make it work kitties make it work.

Best on your Commencements / Dates / Interviews / Meet the Parents kind of activities that might call for some nice shoes... <3