A History of Far Eastern Art

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The Four Noble truths: First Sermon at Deer Garden in Sarnath
1. All life is suffering. Life is permeated with suffering and dissatisfaction.
2. The cause of suffering is attachment. The origin of suffering lies in craving or grasping (burning thirst for the things of this world, for the survival in this world and the next, etc).
3. To end the suffering attachments must be severed / the cessation of suffering is possible through the removal of craving.
4. The means to achieve non-attachment is by following the Eight-fold Path.

The Eight-fold Path: Illustration of the ethical and ritual dimensions of Buddhism
1,2: Right Views and right Aspiration - Preliminary attitudes of aspirant, right views about reality, in accordance with the Buddha's teaching

3,4,5: Right Speech, Right Conduct, and Right Livelihood - the social and moral requirements for the Buddhist

6,7,8: Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Contemplation - Central to Buddhist pragmatic ritual, culminating in contemplation as a spiritual exercise.