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July has always been my favorite month. So many wonderful things seem to happen in July - and wonderful things did happen.

It was probably the most unforgettable July to date. So many things I thought to know, so many things I thought were wonderful were challenged or uncovered as an illusion. Like stepping into an enormous room of fun house mirrors and not knowing what's real, not real, and how real/not real. Thinking you're taking a step forward, but soon realizing that the floor, seemingly so strong, begins to crumble behind you.

But I always think the greatest human experience is to feel and to acknowledge how you feel. And sometimes I don't have words for how I feel - like there aren't a proper combination of letters to grasp that - but silence colors it so well, the feelings merging/dispersing into each other like liquids deep somewhere inside.

August is new. August is refuge. August is meeting myself again in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening and saying "hello" to myself and "how is your day going?"

August is saying "hello" to your friends and family, and "why haven't I seen you in so long?"

August is accepting small kindness' from a stranger, who offer to pay your items at the grocery store, or lend an encouraging glance, and being re-introduced to all the kindnesses around you. And watching all the striving we do individually, but also seeing the bumps of "keep going" all around.

You can soar high. You can go higher. You don't have to stay there. You can go higher. You can go higher.

You can go higher.