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Wednesdays are usually Mondays. Except today I didn't hear an alarm. I was up 2 minutes before I expected asian harps. And I knew the phone was somewhere near my feet when I went to the bathroom, which I never have to do. And since 1:57, 6 07 was slowly getting clearer on the microwave and at a promised 6 09 I wasn't hearing them.. This morning was way too dark at first. Wednesday wasn't like Monday. My phone was all over the floor: battery, backing, front. And I turned on a light for once and ironed, and lined, and gelled and stepped out into the warm air. Today wasn't like Monday. Monday's mean when I get back from class, Steven's there, my roommate isn't here, and I'm just as closed off as ever. But instead, Steven wasn't at lunch, my roommate's in bed, and the bath roomed thickness is giving uncomfortable heat. But my stomach hurts just as much as before. And I still get nervous. And I feel a little cut. But gawd I wish I was going somewhere. And maybe I wasn't so able to use the machine today because all I really wanted to stitch up was my mouth.