"happy boy"

12:27 AM Michael 0 Comments

Yesterday was the day of silence. And I cannot say I did not talk, but it's not like I disrespected it either. It's a crazy but never ending story of a boy telling a guy that he likes him and gets hurt in return, or in this case, killed. Opening himself, and only getting punished. Isn't that so sad! For being himself. And no one should ever be ashamed for who they are. And I know I'm not one to talk, dying my hair and crap, costuming myself, but you should have a heart for yourself. The day of silence is an attempt to mirror the lack of voices gay youth, and even adults have in this world. I mean they can't get married just anywhere, share public affection without being hated, and are restricted with rules on their love. And I'll confess I didn't always be a believer in gay rights, but who am I to stand outside of a couple and say that they are not indeed, in love. Here's an attempt to protect who one really is, and enjoy themselves. Cause most of us seem to be hating on how we're already built most of the time. Much love. xx