The universe is so deep.

12:57 AM Michael 0 Comments

If each and every one of us are individual people with individual thoughts, and if each of us are so freaking deep in thought ability, think of the astounding thought capacity of the entire universe. We all feel things. Different experiences to make the same thing. When I'm crying I'm joined by gallons of other tears. And I don't know if tears really mean much but they certainly tie us in all our humanness. Our weak selves. And there are a lot of times when I'd like to hide from myself and be someone else, but if we could fill all that thought capacity with a fraction of more positive thought, we can make the world explode, just as my heart does when I think about how extremely fortunate I am to meet the hearts I have and how crazy it is that I have so many left to meet. And I'm excited, and anxious, and starting sentences with and. With all those people, surely there's enough to shift you the right way. I might not always like myself specifically, but all those people I know are myself, they're about of me and Michael Edwards is not necessarily Michael Edwards from 2008 and for that I love them. Each and every figure that's hurt, healed, or molded me in anyway. And I'm amazed that there is this entire interconnected, functional universe inside of us, causing us to live, to breathe, to go out of ones way to preserve someone else. Truly amazed.