Dancing queen.

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I suppose after the first 24 hours are hit adrenaline kicks in and takes it on from there. I'd be kidding if I didn't say I have been having such an amazing and stressful time. The thing about not posting is life catches up to you very quickly. I swear though I have to pull so many more all nighters at home than I ever have to do for scad. Long live liberal arts. So when I don't have mayonnaise and olive oil in my hair, or eggs and green tea on my face I've been catching up a little bit. But honestly, I'm so busy right now these are very treasured excursions.

Welcome to the district. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm finding myself with a natural affinity to the city: the fast pace, the mobility, the ambiance. gosh. I can't believe I've finally grown up and given in. DC is such a nice city and despite my previous statements that I could not live here I am finding it more and more charming. Ohmgosh though, it's so expensive to travel here though. I don't have one of those student passes any more so now I feel the money draining from my Wacho card. Being here makes me realize how beautiful, yet unrealistic Savannah really is. It's a wonderful, wonderful place, but gosh it is so not the real world, people are mean, places aren't always pretty, and people actually live in cities. So unreal. I am not disrespecting I promise. It's a nice place to go to, but it is like going to vacation and not to school. Especially when you have so much work at home waiting for you, but I'm managing and some how every year I manageable to have a more magical summer than the year before. I could do without the buckets of literature homework though. The stories are amazing! The course load...not so much.

btdubs: I've totally found my calling as a cowboy. Like you seriously get to dance. I have never seen so much skin, even with all that life drawing left behind. And boys mediums, totally in. Like you need a zipper to put on underwear. Talk about hot. I'm already on ebay. I had so much fun with Inez! G people are so amazing.
I'm only excited about the summer. And very excited for the future. I don't know what school I'm going to any more, but we will see. surely. So Inez..... totally knows about zumba and does it on thursdays and I'm like, we have to stop being the same person. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON.
It's raining a little. Class is out and I'll be inside hiding.
Summer can keep calling.