Cover Letter 4:15 AM

4:22 AM Michael 0 Comments

Dear Mr. Gilks,

I'm so scared of writing this letter.

I really want to be an intern!

Some times so bad I guess I get so nervous I look so stupid It seems like I don't want it at all.

But I do!

And just because I was watching KDrama from 4 to 9 pm and having no idea it was dark outside all ready, or took my 3rd shower for the day, isn't because I don't want a job or to am willing to feverently work harder than reasonable.

It's because I am afraid of rejection.

Let's hope something good comes of tonight.
Attached I am including my resume and examples of my work (pdf).
I look forward to working with you. Let's have coffee.

Love (Slash that), Sincerely,