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 I totally posted this walking in the freezer the other day.

And then I signed into the blog spot and saw this:

Meaning boys,tis the season to be (a) DANDY. While being a total man would never be frowned upon it's interesting to see the route things are taking in men's clothing to more feminine characteristics. Why is this happening? Well women's wear is often the genre that has the most sell-able creativity. And I say sell-able because there ALREADY exists creative menswear, it's just the customer may not be ready.. So this whole Leggings, man bags, hmm phase exists to me only temporarily, because I am sure menswear will eventually find its own. But to be so honest, I am always a little surprised when I read rants about girls that think guys have better options and better clothes in general because I think that is so not completely true. There are yes so many male elements that are irresistible to be placed into women's wear adding you know, overall fierceness, but let's not down each other. This is just another grass is greener scenario. ;) And men, you won't turn into a girl.. geez.
ALSO, (haha stream of conciousness) H & M's fall magazine (drool) has in their trends brooches for men. How cute, how cute.
And maybe I should show you one of my favorite Korean designers ever, Lee Ju Young. Her line's Spring collection (Resurrection) focused on a very hmm feminized male look, but certainly not overdone. It would include, cutouts, lace, little things like that, but still remained very edgy. And I obviously want everything...
I can't really find really good pictures of her latest collection anywhere, but here are pictures from some past shows..:

 So that's just a general idea, and I know you think I am crazy about Asians, while yes I am, you must understand that their clothes are so amazing!

But I was talking about leggings:
Where should you get them? Well you can get "long johns" since it's like zero degrees outside and you probably won't actually be showing your "leggings" but if you plan too...

you can get super expensive long underwear from american apparel:

(these images are linked)
maybe you could look at topman, asos, hm etc  hmm :/
or you could look on amazon slash ebay.
You can get such cool clothes on ebay!
Slash omg you can just get girls leggings.
Trust me, apparently I had no idea guys were to know what size pants they were in girls because it's a pretty general thing that fashionable fellas wear girls clothes. How do I know this? Well I always wondered WHERE do you go to get running shorts that are that short, well low and behold straight boy is spotted checking sizes in womens Champion shorts at target. And they are TOTALLY uni! why did I not realize...  Girls wear guys clothes all the time. lol I don't think "Girlfriend Jeans" would go over too well though. The people wearing them probably wouldn't have girlfriends.

But seriously leggings are hot. and good thing, cause it's so cold